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Josh Has Autism

This is a podcast about both having Autism, and living with somebody who has Autism. This series brings perspectives of living on & with the Spectrum from Sonya King, her son Josh, and various guests. Visit the website at

Jul 30, 2020

Join Sonya, Josh and Richard today when they speak about dealing with stressors from work and school and the judgements of others. Listen, Like, Share. Check out my site and read the blog at

Jul 16, 2020

Sometimes movement comes in different directions. Today Sonya and Josh speak about an accident Josh recently had in Walmart. Read my latest blog and check out my site at

Jul 10, 2020

In this episode Sonya speaks with special guest Norma Orban (, about Young Living Essential Oils and how they can make huge differences for those on the spectrum. FB: Norma Rugen Organ Instagram: normaorban